4 Ways to Use Poster Paint Sticks

Poster paint sticks are perfect for young children or when you want to create a masterpiece in a hurry. With no need for water or paintbrushes, and the perfect size for independent use, they are the mess free solution parents love.

4 Ways to Use Poster Paint Sticks

How to Make

Painting with stampers
Providing the perfect coverage every time, we can’t recommend using poster paint sticks on foam stampers enough. Using the paint stick helps to apply the colour precisely without the mess of traditional paint.

Painting with stencils
Kids love our themed stencils, they make it so easy to make fun designs on paper, card or canvas. But what’s the secret to mess-free painting? Poster paint sticks! Quick and effortless every time, these easy to hold paint sticks really are perfect for small hands.

Painting on canvas
Budding artists needn’t have paintbrushes or water pots to create their works of art. Chose from a huge range of poster paint colours and away they go. Drawing and colouring straight onto the canvas works brilliantly and can make the process more enjoyable.

Painting on wood
Decorating wooden craft kits is so much fun, especially when everything you need is in one handy paint stick. The colours glide on so easily to the wooden surface and look vivid every time. Have you tried this speedy paint application yet?